7 reasons why Nayeon is the best friend you’ve always wanted

In addition to being a talented vocalist and a unique visual, TWICE‘s Nayeon‘s charming personality makes her a perfect friend. 

And while there are many reasons why Nayeon would make an awesome best friend, here are just seven reasons why she exudes the qualities that important in a close friend.

1. She’s not afraid to show skinship, not even in public
Nayeon doesn’t even hesitate to tightly hold onto Chaeyoung‘s arm while the two of them go grocery shopping with Mina.

2. She always makes sure to let you know when you’re making her cringe
During a fansign, maknae Tzuyu does a short finger-heart dance on stage. After cringing at Tzuyu’s cheesy dance, however, Nayeon made a light jab at Tzuyu by showing her that the dance almost made her throw up, causing Tzuyu to elicit a giggle out of embarrassment.

3. Sometimes she doesn’t act her age
While Nayeon is twenty-two years old, making her the oldest member in TWICE, she’s known for acting like the youngest and has even earned the title of “fake maknae” for her youthful appearance and behavior.

4. She’s stern but fair with her juniors
As the oldest member in TWICE, Nayeon also takes a lot of responsibility in taking care of the younger members and making sure they’re reprimanded properly.

5. She’s the ultimate idol fangirl
Although Nayeon definitely has her fair share of hardcore fans, she’s been known to be quite a fangirl herself. She’s even shown her love for fellow idol groups, such as Oh My GirlRed Velvet, and BTS!

6. She never forgets a promise
Back in June, Tzuyu received kisses from all her fellow members in celebration of her birthday, causing Nayeon to request a kiss from Tzuyu herself. However, Tzuyu denied Nayeon her kiss and promised to give her one on Nayeon’s birthday in September. Three months later, Nayeon continued to pester Tzuyu to complete her promise, until it was finally granted during TWICE’s comeback countdown video in October. What persistence!

7. She’ll put up a fight for you
During one of the group’s recent fansign events, members Momo and Jeongyeon acted out a romantic scene for fans. After seeing the girls’ lips get a little too close, Nayeon hilariously tried to pry the two apart.

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