7 Times American Celebrities Showed Their Support For BTS

As BTS grows increasingly popular in America, the number of  American celebrities who publicly support them have as well.

It’s no secret that BTS are one of the biggest K-Pop groups in America. With that rising popularity, there have even been several American celebrities who have publicly expressed their support for the group or who have shown an interest in their music.

In addition to Rap Monster’s recent collaboration with popular American rapper Wale, many celebrities have given the group a shout-out on Twitter or even met up with them in person. So it’s certainly safe to say that BTS are simply irresistible among both K-Pop fans and even celebrities.

Check out seven times that American celebrities have supported BTS below:

1. Maxx Danziger

BTS are simply irresistible.

2. Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth and BTS have a very special appreciation of each other.  On multiple occasions, the two have supported one another, and Jungkook even sang a cover of Charlie Puth’s hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” for fans.

3. Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers is a huge BTS fan!  She even had a countdown until their concert, where she was actually able to meet the group.

4. Before You Exit

After being included in Jungkook’s playlist, the group Before You Exit took to Twitter to publicly thank him. However, their interactions did not end there as they even went on to meet BTS at their concert.

5. Max Schneider

After BTS publicly shouted out Max Schneider on Twitter, the singer went on to thank the idol group and even followed them on Twitter.

6. Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine OK is an American synthpop duo that attended BTS’s Wings Tour in America. The duo posted the photo onto their Twitter with a very sweet message.

7. Coolio

On March 22nd, Coolio  tweeted to BTS in which he wished them luck. The legendary American rapper and BTS have met in the past during BTS’s reality program titled Mnet’s American Hustle Life in 2014.

8. Kehlani

The popular American singer Kehlani is one of the many American artists that have expressed their interest in having a collaboration with BTS. The singer turned to Twitter to officially request the collaboration, and ARMYs everywhere exploded in excitement.