Wale Confirms Collaboration Project With BTS

The collaboration we’ve all been expecting has been confirmed to be currently in the works!

On October 2016, BTS fans sent the American rapper, Wale, Rap Monster‘s cover of one of his songs “Illest Bitch.” 


A month later, Wale had tweeted out asking for a collab and excited fans by telling them that the process was “in motion.”


In December, Wale released the track “Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle)” on SoundCloud that included a shout-out to BTS. In return, Rap Monster gave Wale a shout-out as well on BTS’s Twitter account.

The fans’ hopes for an actual collaboration grew when Wale tweeted just last month that he was planning to travel to Seoul in a few weeks.

Finally, on March 4th, Wale uploaded a photo of himself at Itaewon after having announced two days ago that he had arrived in Seoul.

His caption confirmed fans’ suspicions to be true as it read, “Its late af here.. linking wit my guy Namjoon in a few . ?? limited EBM Seoul tee shirts in hand if u see me holla.” (Namjoon is Rap Monster’s birth name)


Fans’ have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the future collaboration as Rap Monster has the chance to work alongside one of his favorite music artists.