7 times EXO’s D.O. and Sehun Made Fans Jealous Of Their Bromance

D.O. and Sehun‘s friendship is so adorable that they even have a couple name, Sesoo, which is a combination of Sehun and D.O.’s birth name Kyungsoo.

Over the past several years,  EXO‘s D.O and Sehun have grown incredibly close and they make sure to display that any chance they get.  The two members are seen hugging and messing around with each other in public, and they constantly post photos together.

Their bond is so close that when D.O. could not join EXO in going to Hawaii, Sehun took him on a trip to Jeju Island instead. From trips to Jeju Island and New York City to caring moments on camera, this bromance has given us many cherishable moments.

1. They take trips together

Sehun uploaded this photo to his Instagram account of him and D.O. at a restaurant in Jeju Island.


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They got a chance to let loose and ride ATV’s while there.

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2. Exploring Times Square in New York

Sehun and D.O. went incognito in the big city.

Sehun and D.O..

3. They hang on to each other dearly

Sehun doesn’t miss a chance at holding D.O. tight.


4. Sehun acts like the big brother

They look so natural together.



5. Always…Together 

Even when they are cardboard cutouts


6. Sehun tries to tickle D.O.

Sehun teasing D.O. is so cute.


7. D.O. looking after Sehun

Although Sehun always takes care of him, D.O. does not forget to return the favor to his dongsaeng.