8-Year-Old Girl Gets Stuck in a Claw Machine, Firefighters Called to the Scene

The little girl took it into her own hands to get that plushie.

A little girl, Ms. A (8) managed to get herself trapped in a claw machine in Gwangju, Korea for which firefighters were called to the scene.

According to the report, Ms. A wanted a stuffed plushie so badly that she climbed into the machine through the slot where prizes came out.

Luckily, 911 dispatched local firefighters almost immediately, and with the help of the store owner, the little girl was saved in 20 minutes.

Soon after, the fire station shared a video showing the firefighters getting the little girl out of the machine.

What’s the most surprising of all is the fact that Ms. A looked completely calm while sitting inside the machine while holding tightly onto the plushies that she crawled in for.

Although the act was dangerous, the video is going viral online for how it exemplifies the innocence and purity of children.

Check out the full footage below:

[현장 100℃ #2 – 광주 인형뽑기 안에 갇힌 꼬마 / 2020년4월14일]

[현장 100℃ #2 – 인형뽑기 기계안에 갇힌 꼬마 아이를 구조하라! /2020년4월14일]“얼마나 인형이 갖고 싶었으면”그래도 다음부턴 위험한 행동은 절대 하면 안돼요~~

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