Meet all 10 Members of Pristin In These Stunning Photos

Pristin may have been preparing for their comeback but that didn’t stop them from releasing these gorgeous photos in celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

On February 14, Pledis Entertainment circulated the romantic set of photos through their official Twitter and Facebook accounts. The photos were released in celebration of Valentine’s Day and served as an introduction to all ten members of the group. The members portrayed a romantic vibe by wearing cream-colored dresses and were styled according to their image and personality.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pristin!

This is the second set of photos since Pledis Entertainment officially confirmed Pristin’s debut. Recently, Pristin unveiled new stage names for their members followed by a series of concept photos.

You can expect more of Eunwoo’s charms and vocals through their debut next month!
Meet Pristin’s youngest member!
It was certainly a special Valentine’s Day for Kyulkyung with Pristin
Rena’s visuals are already on point.
Yehana certainly knows how to make an impression.
Meet Pristin’s leader Nayoung!
Roa dares to bare her shoulders for this romantic outtake
Seungyeon is pretty and charming in this lacey number.
Siyeon is the group’s dancer, rapper, and vocalist all in one.
Sweet as always, Yuha!

The members created quite a lot of buzz of prior to their debut as most of its members joined programs such as Produce 101 and Girl Spirit. They are set to make their debut by March.

Source: SportsChosun