These 9 K-Pop idols debuted at the ripe young age of only 16

As the K-pop industry monumentally grows, the average debuting age of K-pop idols are gradually decreasing over the years.

Idols often begin training at a much younger age in recent years. There are many benefits to debuting at such a young age, such as the ability to have a long lasting career. However, debuting at a young age can also sometimes cause idols to be unable to perform at certain locations due to age restrictions.

A recent example of this unfortunate situation was when Somi of I.O.I was unable to perform in France. Here are nine popular K-pop idols who debuted at the young age of only 16!

IU Nate Post
IU from Loen Entertainment debuted in 2009 with “Lost Child” when she was only 16 years old! / Image Source: Dispatch and LOEN Entertainment
Taemin Nate Post
Taemin from SHINee debuted in 2008 with “Replay” at the age of 16! / Image Source: Dispatch and SM Entertainment
Krystal Nate Post
Krystal from f(x) debuted in 2009 with “”LA chA TA” at 16. / Image Source: Dispatch and SM Entertainment
Minhwan Nate Post
Minhwan from FT Island debuted in 2007 with “Love Sick” when he was only 16! / Image Source: Dispatch and FNC Entertainment
Somi Nate Post
Somi from I.O.I debuted in 2016 with “Dream Girls” at the young age of 16 / Image Source: Dispatch, Mnet, YMC Entertainment
Zelo Nate Post
Zelo from B.A.P debuted in 2012 with “Warrior” in 2012! / Image Source: Dispatch and TS Entertainment
Taken from NATE
Hayoung from Apink debuted in 2011 with “Mallayo (I Don’t Know)” at 16! / Image Source: Dispatch and Plan A Entertainment
Taken from NATE
Ricky and Changjo from Teen Top debuted with “Clap” in 2010 when they were only 16! / Image Source: Dispatch
Taken from NATE
Chenle and Jisung from the NCT unit NCT dream debuted this year with “Chewing Gum.” Chenle was 16 and Jisung was only 15! / Image Source: Dispatch

Were you surprised by how young these idols were when they debuted?

Source: Dispatch HD