9 most romantic moments between Eric Nam and Solar

Eric Nam and Solar’s virtual marriage on MBC‘s We Got Married may be over but here’s why they may have been the best couple on the show.

The pair spent nearly six months on the show this year and their relationship blossomed over that time. From their romantic gestures to hilarious skits Eric and Solar’s chemistry was undeniable.

Take a look as some of some the “Ddong” couple’s highlights!

1. Their awkward yet hilarious first meeting.

Eric first task as a virtual husband was to save his new wife, Solar. Once the two met Solar disguised herself using a mask before revealing her identity to her new husband. The two awkwardly burst into laughter upon seeing each other.

2. Their simple first date

For their first date, the pair spent time in a cafe getting to know each other. The pair’s chemistry stood out early as they began to play small pranks on each other and learned to ride hoverboards.

3. Eric’s simple yet sweet proposal

Eric prepared an adorable yet simple proposal for his virtual wife. After making breakfast Eric encouraged Solar to drink the juice he prepared before revealing the words at the bottom of the glass “Will you marry me?”

4. Their romantic wedding

The pair kept their simplistic theme hosting their wedding on the streets of Seoul. The pair read their vows to a small crowd of people before performing “Endless Love”.

5. Teaching each other their native language

As the pair got to know each other and found small language barriers the pair decided to each other their native language. Eric hosted regular lessons for Solar to teach her his native English.

6. They supported each other

During Eric’s promotions of “Can’t Help Myself” Solar became a dedicated wife taking to the streets to promote her virtual husband’s new song.

7. Their secret shout-outs

During Eric’s promotions, he received a mission from Solar to give her a shout-out. They decided he would send her a finger heart at the end of his performance causing Solar to blush while watching the performance back.

8. Their sexy karaoke performance

During the special couple’s competition, the pair showed their competitive side. The pair decided to win they would perform a sexy karaoke duet.

9. Solar’s epic prank

During their final weeks, a couple Solar decided to test her husband preparing a realistic prank with her childhood friend. Solar prepared an epic performance with her friend to shock Eric. Solar and her friend began arguing pretending to be a customer management dispute, Eric defended his virtual wife and asked if the pair could both be calm. Solar’s spectacular reveal caught Eric off guard as he cringed in embarrassment.

10. Their grand Dubai trip

The pair as part of their competition winnings took a trip to Dubai. The pair began their usual playful antics, lip syncing on yachts but also had an intimate romantic moment watching a fountain performance.

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