AB6IX Did The Absolute Most To Promote This Phone At The Airport

Sneaky boys.

AB6IX were walking advertisement models when they arrived in Incheon Airport, showing off their phones.

People didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary, so they were shocked when the members stepped out of the car and started snapping selfies.

Lee Daehwi was even spotted calling over his members to take selfies with! Park Woojin, sadly, could not be part of the fun since he’s resting due to an ankle injury.

At first, it seems as if the boys want to take photos to mark the occasion…

But as they turn to the reporters, member Lee Daehwi starts showing off the Samsung Note 10, stylus and all!

It’s known among fans that the Samsung Note 10 has a particular AB6IX edition phone case. When using the case, Note 10 will automatically flash AB6IX photos and change to an AB6IX theme. It seems the boys want to promote the phone!

Kim Donghyun showed off the phone in his sneaky way: tucking it into his coat sleeve and then waving at the reporters! Isn’t he creative?

Would you buy the Samsung Note 10 now?

Source: Pann

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