AB6IX’s Swinging Dance Move in “The Answer” Fascinates Fans

We’d like to take a turn on that swing too.

AB6IX recently made their comeback with “THE ANSWER”, featuring a dance move that caught the eye of many fans and public alike.

The dance move features members Daehwi and Woong sitting atop the linked arms of Donghyun and Woojin, creating a movement much like playing on swings.

Woong takes the move in the second verse of the song.

Daehwi covers the move in the first verse prior to the chorus.

Fans are really loving the innovative move, especially as it brings out the cheerful and childlike vibe of the song. Here are some of the reactions from K-netizens that found the stage way too adorable to handle.

Fans even found this moment where Woong was practicing his swing move, without the literal support of his dongsaengs. ABNEWs gushed over how adorable their haemjji (hamster) baby was!

Check out the full stage of “THE ANSWER” here on their comeback show, and show AB6IX some love.

Source: Instiz