Netizens Think They’ve Figured Out Who The Mysterious Fifth Member Of AB6IX Is

If it’s not this idol then it must be his secret twin:

BRANDNEW Music has decided to keep one thing a complete mystery about their upcoming boy group AB6IX and that’s the identity of the fifth and final member. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will remain a secret because netizens are putting on their detective caps to discover his identity.


On March 31, AB6IX released teaser photos featuring all five members. Ruling out the members they know to be in the group, fans quickly picked out the mysterious fifth member and have been trying to guess who he could possibly be.


Since Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin are both confirmed members of this new group, many netizens have been considering the possibility that the fifth member was also previously in the group. In particular, they believe that he is Kim Jaehwan!


Although some have suggested that the fifth member bears a resemblance to Hwang Minhyun


Most netizens can’t get over his resemblance to Jaehwan!


They are really hopeful that it really is him too!


The only thing that’s tripping netizens up is the KCON Japan meet and greet lineup featuring both AB6IX and Kim Jaehwan!


No matter who the mysterious member turns out to be, fans are more than ready to see AB6IX debut!

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