BRANDNEW Music Announces Debut of New Boy Group AB6IX + Drops Teasers

They have yet to reveal their final member.

BRANDNEW Music announces the debut for their new boy group featuring MXM members Im Youngmin and Kim Donghyun as well as Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin. BRANDNEW Music has yet to reveal the final member of the group.

The group name will be AB6IX. To explain the meaning of the group name, the company said,

AB6IX is an abrreviation for ABSOLUTE SIX, which means The Brand New Boys become one when the fans and members are together. It also means ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX, which reflects the aspirations of the five members and their fans to open up a new field for BrandNew.

An official AB6IX YouTube channel and posted their first teaser, which showcases their group logo as well as ABSOLUTE SIX and ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX.

The clip shows four lights combining into two before merging to become one, and is followed by another light after. The four lights are the MXM members and the Wanna One members, while the last member symbolizes the unrevealed member.

Additionally, the teaser for their comeback has dropped. However, the face of the 5th member is still hidden.

There is no news yet on their debut date.

Source: Metro

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