AB6IX’s Woojin Hilariously Failed at the Signature “Beauty Guru” Hand Gesture in a Recent Broadcast

All fans could see was the palm of his hand.

AB6IX‘s Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi recently held a live broadcast where they chatted with fans and celebrated April Fool’s day.


In commemoration of April Fools, Woojin and Daehwi made soap and hand detergent for their fans.

While making the thoughtful gifts, the two idols engaged with fans through the live comments by answering their many questions.

Woojin showed extra care in the gifts he was making for fans by precisely measuring the amounts for the soap and detergent and even testing it out on his skin.

And once they were completed, Woojin showcased it to viewers with the signature “beauty guru” hand gesture but failed hilariously.

Instead of holding the detergent in front of his hand and using his hand to help the camera focus, he held the detergent behind his hand, making it so that only he could see the detergent, and all viewers could see was the palm of his hand.

Once fans pointed out his adorable mistake, Woojin immediately fixed it, but his mistake was so cute that fans couldn’t stop gushing over what he just did.

He’s so cute.

He looks really shocked.

Woojin knows what YouTube is, but doesn’t know that much about it.

– Fans

It’s the thought and effort that counts, right?

Woojin is so pure.

Source: Insight