AB6IX’s Woojin Is Such A Tough Dance Instructor That The Newest Member Had A Nosebleed

He’s very passionate when it comes to dancing.

In preparation for their official debut as a 5-member group, AB6IX is filming a reality show to introduce themselves and their new member.

In one of its teasers, Woojin starts the music and has everyone begin practicing their song “Hollywood”.

Donghyun immediately makes a mistake, and Woojin points him out.

Then, they resume practicing and Woojin continues to instruct them until their dancing has reached the level where it should be.

Afterward everyone is completely exhausted, even leader Youngmin.

The newest member had worked so hard to keep up with his members that his nose had bled, and everyone was shocked, especially Woojin.

Woojin is certainly a tough dance teacher but not an uncaring one. Watch the full teaser here. Will you be tuning in for the first episode?

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