Rising Actor Ahn Hyo Seop Goes Viral for How He Takes Photos With Female Staff

He posed with the staff in the most caring and affectionate way.

The cast and crew of the hit drama, Dr. Romantic 2 recently had their finale party ahead of the airing of the final episode, but what gained particular attention were the selfies Ahn Hyo Seop took with fellow staff.


It was revealed through the production company, Samhwa Networks that the cast and crew enjoyed an epic party to celebrate the finale.

And although behind-the-scenes photos and videos were not shared due to the outbreak, fans were able to get a sneak peek through some of the staff members’ social media accounts.


Among the photos were many of Ahn Hyo Seop, where he can be seen posing in the sweetest and the most caring way with the female staff.

The way he can be seen hugging and leaning into the staff members inevitably elicited jealousy from fans.

Not only does he show off adorably cute charms, but he also proves to be a natural socialite who knows how to make anyone comfortable.

But with his rising popularity and good looks, it’s no wonder fans are paying so much attention to these recent photos.

Keep an eye out for his heartthrob.

Because his career has just begun.

Source: Insight