Actor Choi Hyun Wook Roasts Yoo Seon Ho For Forgetting The Dress Code

“I must’ve missed the memo…”

Actor Yoo Seon Ho will star in the upcoming film Loan Boy (also known as Loan Shark Boy) alongside Kang Mi Na (formerly gugudan‘s Mina) and Yoo In Soo. To promote the action film about a high school student fighting debt collectors, the cast held an event before its release.

And during that event, Yoo Seon Ho’s friends couldn’t help noticing the actor forgetting the dress code.

Yoon Seon Ho | @CUBE_YOOSEONHO/Twitter

Through their Instagram accounts, multiple members of ARTMS posted images of the Loan Boy cast and encouraged fans to watch the film. In particular, Haseul noticed that Yoo Seon Ho was the only one wearing red. She wasn’t the only one who mentioned the funny moment.

“Loan Shark Boy” cast. | @withaseul/Instagram

Through his Instagram account, Twinkling Watermelon actor Choi Hyun Wook playfully joked that Yoo Seon Ho’s red shirt had taken all the color from the rest of the cast’s outfits. Yoo Seon Ho revealed that he hadn’t known about the dress code. Funnily enough, it wasn’t the only time.

Choi Hyun Wook: Seonho-ya, did you take everyone’s colors?!

Yoo Seon Ho: I must’ve missed the memo about the dress code.

During a different event for the movie, Yoo Seon Ho was the only one wearing a bright white shirt, while the rest of the cast wore black once again.

The “Loan Shark Boy” cast. | @evzJbV52XslqY1P/Twitter

Since Yoo Seon Ho keeps missing the memo, he might need a black shirt as a backup to avoid more funny dress code mishaps.