Doyoung Gave A Savage Response To His Brother Gong Myung’s Request To Star In An NCT MV

“If there is such a music video, I can do it.”

Brothers NCT‘s Doyoung and actor Gong Myung stole the hearts of many with their close relationship and recently showed it off in the pictorial with W Korea!

After their lovely pictorial and interview, Gong Myung documented in his latest vlog a cute dinner that took place after work.

During their dinner, the two started to discuss their work and how their two careers recently collided. For those who may not know, Gong Myung was featured in Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun‘s “Coffee” MV.

Because NCT and Super Junior are both groups from SM Entertainment, Doyoung admitted to Gong Myung that he finds it strange to see him playing in the company building.

If you take the elevator in our company, the music video will be played. The newest songs at the time (gets played). And sometimes you appear on it. Because of Kyuhyun. It was really strange.

— Doyoung

On the topic of music videos, Gong Myung asked his little brother if he could possibly be in one of NCT’s MVs. Gong Myung asked, “I can’t participate in your music video?

Hilariously, Doyoung rejected Gong Myung’s proposal with a quite savage response: “Of course not. what can you do it there?”

Even though his idea was declined, Gong Myung didn’t give up trying to convince Doyoung.

If NCT does do a ballad or something like a song in the album and shoot a music video like that, then they need an actor if there is such a music video, I can do it. But there hasn’t been a music video like that

— Gong Myung

While it may have seemed like Doyoung was opposed to his hyung’s suggestions, he revealed he already has started plans that involve his Gong Myung!

I have my aspirations for you, brother. There’s a future that I’m drawing. So just do what you’re told later. Just do what I tell you to do. Because I’m planning everything.

— Doyoung

Hopefully, fans will be able to see more of the two together through whatever plans Doyoung is making! For now, It seems fans will have to wait to find out his ideas as Doyoung shared it’s all a secret for now.

Check out Gong Myung’s vlog below:


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