Actor Gong Yoo Recreates His Iconic Scene In Netflix’s “Squid Game” And Causes An Uproar

He even gave a tip for those who want to act it out!

Gong Yoo‘s appearance in Netflix‘s hit K-Drama Squid Game may have been short, but it left a huge impact on viewers. His deep voice and masculine good looks captured the attention of many people.

Recently, he and the rest of The Silent Sea cast sat down for an interview with Netflix Korea. Lee Joon mentioned that the most recent show he had binge-watched was Squid Game. Turning to Gong Yoo, he shyly said, “He’s in it…

That prompted Bae Doo Na to imitate the iconic scene where his character approaches Seong Gi Hun at a train station.

Without missing a beat, Gong Yoo reenacted the scene by lowering his voice and saying, “Sir.”

Everyone present erupted in laughter.

Gong Yoo even dished out a tip for those who want to copy it! He revealed that pronunciation is the key.

You have to pronounce it very precisely.

— Gong Yoo

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Source: YouTube