12 Years Later: Actor Hyun Bin Spills On What Happened To His Viral “Secret Garden” Tracksuits

They were an iconic part of the series.

The 2010 Korean drama Secret Garden was a hit when it aired and is still a favorite among drama watchers. It starred famous actors and actresses like Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun, Yoo In Na, and Lee Jong Suk. It even featured Hyun Bin’s now-wife actress Son Ye Jin for a special appearance.

Actor Hyun Bin and actress Ha Ji Won.

And one of the most iconic parts of the series was Hyun Bin’s tracksuits, which became a hot topic at the time. Twelve years later, the actor revealed what happened to the memorable pieces of clothing.

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During an Esquire Korea interview, the magazine asked Hyun Bin if he remembered the tracksuits going viral. They reminded him how popular they were by showing search results of tracksuits modeled after the drama.

While some actors aren’t allowed to take the clothes they wore in dramas, that wasn’t the case for Hyun Bin. He admitted, “Yes, I still own all four versions of the tracksuit I wore in the show at my house. I’m keeping them.

Naturally, the magazine wondered if Hyun Bin ever pulled out the tracksuits and wore them for fun. He laughed before answering.

No, I don’t. I wore them so many times back then. I am just keeping them in my closet.

— Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin cherished Secret Garden and appreciated everyone who enjoyed watching it. He even revealed that his current stylist on set is the same one who created the iconic tracksuits.

No matter how much time passes, Secret Garden remains precious to its actors and fans. Now everyone will wonder if Ha Ji Won also kept her version of the tracksuit.

Listen to Hyun Bin recall his precious memories of filming Secret Garden.

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