Ji Chang Wook’s Steamy Kiss Scene With BIBI Sparked Unexpected Criticism From His Friends

His friends told him what they thought about the scene.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

In the crime thriller The Worst of Evil, actor Ji Chang Wook and singer BIBI shared a steamy kiss scene that divided viewers. One side thought it was the “best kiss scene ever,” while the other side noted that Jun Mo‘s multiple rejections of Lee Hae Ryeon made it sexual assault.

They weren’t the only ones who had passionate opinions about the scene. Ji Chang Wook revealed his friends’ reactions to the kiss.

Ji Chang Wook and BIBI in “The Worst of Evil.” | Disney+

When the Salon Drip 2 host Jang Do Yeon mentioned the kiss scene and asked how his friends reacted, Ji Chang Wook couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Because there was a lot of lip-biting in the nearly three-minute kiss scene, Ji Chang Wook’s friends seemed to think it was too much. He admitted, “People around me…asked why I bit the lower lip so much.

His friends were even worried about how painful it must’ve been. Repeating their questions, Ji Chang Wook said, “Like, ‘Did it not hurt?’

Although Ji Chang Wook and BIBI pulled off their characters’ clashing emotions in the scene, his friends couldn’t get over how painful the kiss looked in real life.