Actor Kang Ha Neul Once “Rejected” IU’s Hand — And Was Forced To Explain Himself

He must have a reason why… right?

Kang Ha Neul once had to address the rumors about a certain meme of him and IU.

Kang Ha Neul made an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, where he was asked about a somewhat-famous picture of him and IU.

During the press conference for the K-Drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, IU and Kang Ha Neul posed for photos onstage, when he did a rather hilarious, yet perplexing thing!

As the two took photos, a reporter asked the two to get closer and link arms together for a better visual. As IU extends her hand out, Kang Ha Neul is seen hilariously crossing his own arms together!

In another photo, a reporter asks for the actors to stand with their shoulders touching, but Kang Ha Neul can be seen scrunching his shoulders together to avoid touching anybody!

While his hilarious and interesting way of posing brought laughter to the other members and guests on the show, everyone wanted to know the reason behind why he posed like that!

In order to clarify these photos, Kang Ha Neul revealed that he posed like that in order to avoid serious atmospheres while taking photos, and also shared how the thing he did with IU was only a joke!

I don’t like serious settings. In settings like this, the reporters don’t seem to budge even when I say something funny. Since I don’t like settings like this, I tend to do things like that.

— Kang Ha Neul

He also stated that after his joke, he immediately linked arms with IU with a big smile, and shared that it all ended well!

 Of course after I posed like that, I did link arms with IU and take pictures.

— Kang Ha Neul

Source: Insight
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