“Start-Up” Actor Kim Seon Ho Revealed How A Professor Tricked Him Into Liking Mint Ice Cream

Since then, he’s been loving the highly debated ice cream flavor.

Actor Kim Seon Ho gained loved from his role on the hit drama Start-Up and kept winning everyone over with his fun personality. This time, he shared the humorous backstory of how he ended up liking the highly debated ice cream flavor mint chocolate chip.

After sharing that his favorite Baskin Robbins flavor was the “love it or hate it” Cherry Jubilee, he shared another flavor he enjoyed that was just as touchy.

Since Kim Seon Ho previously mentioned that he’d learned to enjoy mint chocolate chip, the magazine asked for the actor to spill the backstory behind it. It all started with a professor.

Whenever Kim Seon Ho excelled in the course, his professor would give him a special treat. He said, “My professor fed me the mint chocolate ice cream every time I did something well.

At the time, Kim Seon Ho admitted that it felt like “getting scolded” instead and demonstrated the same look of confusion he’d felt at the time.

It was a memory he held dear. Kim Seon Ho sweetly said, “I remember that fondly.

Ever since those precious moments with his professor, Kim Seon Ho couldn’t help but “really like it.

| CosmopolitanKorea/YouTube

Even though mint chocolate chip may not be everyone’s ideal flavor, the way Kim Seon Ho’s professor made him like it was extremely clever. Watch Kim Seon Ho share the funny method here.