Actor Lee Chae Min Surprises IVE’s Wonyoung With A Thoughtful Gift For Her Last Day As “Music Bank” MC

The “Music Bank” staff prepared multiple gifts for Wonyoung.

IVE‘s Wonyoung officially concluded her time as an MC for KBS‘s music show, Music Bank, after a year and four months.

IVE’s Wonyoung (left) and actor Lee Chae Min (right) as “Music Bank” MCs | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

During her time at Music Bank, she was an MC with ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon until September 2022, when he stepped down to focus on group promotions and ENHYPEN’s world tour and was an MC with rookie actor Lee Chae Min afterward.

Her bubbly personality and charming on-stage presence made for many memorable moments while she was on the show, including her “Butter” and “Woman on the Beach” cover stages with Sunghoon.

“Butter” stage | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 
“Woman on the Beach” stage | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 

Her last day was a bittersweet day for Wonyoung, who chose to step down to focus on her group promotions with IVE.

As much as viewers loved seeing Wonyoung, the Music Bank staff loved working with her and couldn’t help showering her with gifts and praise on her last day.

The audience also had a special gift for her, holding up supportive signs that took Wonyoung by surprise.

The IVE member was informed shortly before recording that much of the audience were her fans, there to send her off.

As Wonyoung reflected on the heartwarming support she received, one last person appeared backstage to say goodbye, her fellow MC Lee Chae Min.

He waited patiently by the door until Wonyoung was alerted he was waiting for her. He had prepared a special bouquet with flowers from their collaboration “City of Stars” stage.

Lee Chae Min and Wonyoung’s “City of Stars” stage | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

Wonyoung was touched by the thoughtful gift, which was the perfect way to commemorate her time as a Music Bank MC.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Wonyoung’s emotional last day below!