Actor Lee Min Ho’s New K-Drama Teaser Has Fans Shook Over His “Upgraded” Voice

“I would have never guessed this is Lee Min Ho…”

On February 28, 2020, SBS channel dropped the first official teaser for actor Lee Min Ho‘s upcoming new K-Drama, The King: Eternal Monarch.

Avid K-Drama watchers got beyond excited for Lee Min Ho’s return as “the King”…

… but moreover, they became entirely shook by the actor’s voice in the teaser! Lee Min Ho is said to have been working on his diction and his delivery during his time away from the screen — and his fans are excited to hear the improvements.

  • “Huh, it IS really different. LOL. This is kind of cool.”
  • “What a great teaser. And I can definitely hear the difference in Lee Min Ho’s voice… His acting in the teaser is outstanding too. What a vibe.”
  • “I would have never guessed this is Lee Min Ho, just by listening to the voice.”
  • “Maybe he toned it down for the character? It still sounds like Lee Min Ho. I get what the difference is though. He doesn’t have the ‘breath-y’ sound that he used to have…”
  • “What the hell? I used to stan him, but have never heard this voice before. What is going on?”

Meanwhile, this new K-Drama has “Lee Min Ho” trending on Twitter in all parts of the world — with its teaser collecting 150K views and counting within the first three hours of its reveal. These royal-AF pictures from the shoot, plus the solemn teaser, have K-Drama fans on the edge of their seats for the first episode!

The King: Eternal Monarch will premiere in Spring 2020 as a weekend drama, once the current series Hyena ends.

Source: Chosun News and THEQOO (1) and (2)