Actor Lee Sang Yeob Recently Announced His Marriage, But A Fortune Teller Predicted It Years Ago

They were eerily accurate.

At the end of September 2023, actor Lee Sang Yeob surprised everyone by announcing his marriage to a non-celebrity.

Lee Sang Yeob | @sangyeob/Instagram

The My Lovely Boxer actor provided further details of his private romance by revealing the wedding is planned for March 2024. That’s when eagle-eyed fans realized that a fortune teller’s past prediction about his love life was highly accurate.


In 2021, the cast of Sixth Sense was joined by a fortune teller who was the only person in the country making predictions based on life graphs. He confirmed that marriage was in the cards for Lee Sang Yeob. Naturally, the actor asked when to expect it.

The fortune teller told Lee Sang Yeob to expect to get married three years from then, in 2024.

Though rapper Jessi made them laugh by saying Lee Sang Yeob was her dream husband, the fortune teller revealed other plans.

Because he’s suffered a hard time in his thirties, that changed his direction. This means that he’ll meet a great woman and live a happy life.

— Fortune Teller

If the rest of the fortune teller’s prediction also comes true, Lee Sang Yeob will live a happy married life. Congratulations to the couple.