Popular Actor Lee Sang Yeob Is Getting Married To A Non-Celebrity

Congratulations to the couple!

Actor Lee Sang Yeob will reportedly be getting married to a non-celebrity in March 2024.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, Lee Sang Yeob will be getting married in March 2024 to a non-celebrity younger than him. His bride-to-be is known to have extremely beautiful visuals. He has kept his relationship on the down low in consideration of her non-celebrity status, and recently, he has been letting those around him know about their upcoming wedding.

Lee Sang Yeob debuted in 2007 but gained popularity through K-Dramas The Innocent ManWhile You Were Sleeping, and Once Again. He has also received lots of attention for his variety show appearances such as on Running Man or Sixth Sense.

His agency, UNGBIN ENS, has since confirmed Sports Seoul’s report.

Lee Sang Yeop is preparing for his wedding to a non-celebrity in March.

They are starting the preparation for the wedding.


Source: Sports Seoul and Xportnews