Here Is Actor Namgoong Min’s Weirdest Shower Scene That Shattered All K-Drama Cliches

Beware the naked bods!

K-Drama lovers know, when they see male leads strip and step into the bathroom, that they are about to be hit with one of the most cliche scenes of all time: The furious shower. These typical K-Drama shower scenes are often served with 1. an overly emotional character, 2. a pristine luxury shower stall, and 3. a lot of hot steam coming from a hot bod. Here’s vocalist-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi’s most recent shower scene from Vagabond for example. Emotional, check. Shower stall, check. Hot steam and hot bod, double check.


For actor Namgoong Min, however, his shower scene in Manager Kim looked nothing like this. In a previous Happy Together episode, he looked back to the most comical — and possibly the weirdest — shower scene that he had ever done.

When I shoot dramas, there come times I have to take my clothes off in front of the camera. For Manager Kim, I heard there is a shower scene involved. So I kind of prepared myself so I can look good naked, you know?

— Namgoong Min


This particular shower scene started off about the same, with Namgoong Min steaming under hot water…


… but as the camera zoomed out, it turned out to be not-your-average K-Drama shower scene!


In the scene, Namgoong Min became agitated with his next door neighbor for flushing the toilet while he’s showering — causing the water to run too hot…

That jerk next door flushed the toilet now, didn’t he? Why you little brat…! HOW COME YOU ALWAYS POOP WHEN I’M IN THE SHOWER?

— Namgoong Min


… and though this squeaky-clean visual was nothing Namgoong Min had imagined…


… K-Drama viewers adored the scene for its “hyper-realism”. Many a Manager Kims around the nation deeply related to this most humbling recreation of their average showers at home!

  • “The way that entire bathroom is fogged up with steam is real AF too, LMAO.”
  • “Once it involves a hand held shower head, the scene cannot be sexy in any way…”
  • “I’m dying at how he curses when the water turns hot, LOLOL.”


Watch the full clip here: