2017 Vs. 2023: Actor Park Seo Joon’s Latest Public Appearance Proves He Hasn’t Aged A Day

He looks amazing!

Actor Park Seo Joon recently made a public appearance at the premiere of his upcoming film, Dream, and he looked incredible! It’s hard to believe there’s barely any difference between the way he looks now versus in his KBS K-Drama, Fight For My Way.

On that note, check out comparisons between the two below.

“Fight For My Way”

Fight For My Way aired in 2017, and it quickly become famous both locally and internationally due to the endearing characters and funny plot. And let’s get real—Park Seo Joon’s boyish charms are another reason why people watched the show!


Boasting masculine features and broad shoulders, it’s no wonder he became many people’s ideal type.


Whether he had a serious expression on…


…or was smiling brightly…


…there’s no denying how effortlessly handsome he was!


“Dream” Premiere

Even though six years have passed since Fight For My Way aired, the actor still looks as good as ever.

He recently attended the premiere of his own film Dream, and he stunned with his good looking features even under bright lights and unedited journalist photos.

With his toned body and flawless face, it’s hard to believe he’s 34 years old! He could easily pass as someone in his 20s.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon isn’t the only one who has barely aged. Check out how Strong Woman Do Bong Soon actor Park Hyung Sik looks now in the article below.

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