Actor Park Hyung Sik Is Aging Backwards In Recent Public Appearance At “Dream” Premiere

He looks even more handsome! ❤️

It may have been six years since hit K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon aired on JTBC, but main lead Park Hyung Sik hasn’t aged a day! He still looks as good looking as ever, if not more.

Check out the (tiny!) differences between his features in the show versus his recent public appearance at the Dream premiere below.

Park Hyung Sik In “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

Playing the chaebol heir Minhyuk, Park Hyung Sik never failed to look oh-so-handsome with his strong jawline, slick hair, and tailored suit.

He gave off a whimsical and prince-like charm that made all the viewers fall hard for him.

It’s no wonder he quickly became a household name in the acting industry.

Park Hyung Sik At “Dream” Premiere

The actor may now be a few years older, but he still feels like a modern-day prince! His public appearance at the premiere of the film Dream was proof that he looks just as charming as ever.

Boasting strong facial features, clear skin, and a toned body, Park Hyung Sik continues to be the man of everyone’s dreams. With how young he looks, it wouldn’t be surprising if he admitted to being immortal!

Many would agree that the 31-year-old could pass as someone in his 20s. He’s just that handsome.

But the Hwarang actor isn’t the only one who shocked everyone with his visuals at the premiere. Check out how BTS‘s V and Jungkook looked in the article below.

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