Actor Reveals How EXO’s Kai Took His Place As The Most Popular Guy In School

“The female students who liked me all went to Kai.”

From 2009 to 2017, actor Lee Il Min has starred in three dramas and one movie. In a recent interview, he opened up about how his life was like in high school.

Since he went to school with EXO‘s Kai and they were only two years apart, he revealed how they’d known each other.

Thinking back, Il Min mentioned their situations at the time, “Kai was a trainee, and I was filming a drama.” He was acting in The Jewel Family while Kai was preparing for his debut in EXO, which would happen two years later. Kai didn’t need to become an idol to get attention, though.

According to Il Min, “I was originally the most popular.” That all changed when Kai came into the picture and won everyone over with his charms: “After Kai transferred, he was the most popular.”

While other guys in that situation would automatically dislike the person who stole their spotlight, Il Min could understand why. “His face’s small. He’s handsome and tall, too.”

He even confessed, “The female students that liked me all went to Kai.” Naturally, Il Min couldn’t go down without at least scoping out his competition, “So, I kept an eye on him.”

Kai is one of the most popular idols in the K-Pop world, to the point where he has fanboys who are also idols. No wonder he was just as popular in high school—even without the status of being an idol at the time.

Source: Naver