Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Has “Gone Green” And Is Urging His Fans To Follow In His Footsteps

Being the change he wants to see in the world!

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol has been supporting the environmental organization Greenpeace for 5 years — and while his involvement started off as monetary donations, his latest movements include more action!

Recently, Ryu Jun Yeol has been sharing updates on his Instagram capturing moments in his life that make him resist the use of plastic. His latest post shows a picture of him buying fish at the supermarket — and getting it packed in his own container from home. In the caption, he urged his fans to #HaveCourage and try themselves as well:

It took some courage to do this at the market today, but I did it.

— Ryu Jun Yeol

In a previous post, he also openly criticized the Korean supermarkets for allowing “over-packaging” of products in needless plastic containers.

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너를 산 적은 없었는데 #플라스틱

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I never meant to pay for you though… #Plastic

— Ryu Jun Yeol

He then pointed out how other countries are actively promoting plastic-free shopping culture…

Markets overseas are courageously stepping up like this! We should #HaveCourage too.

— Ryu Jun Yeol

… and suggested his fans to sign a petition that has been kickstarted by Greenpeace — to push the Korean government to pass laws banning supermarkets to allow an excessive use of plastic.

#HaveCourage petition is now open for your signature:

— Ryu Jun Yeol

Korean netizens are responding positively to Ryu Jun Yeol’s effort to make a difference:

  • “Oh, I didn’t even think about taking my own container. That’s cool though, I’ll try too.”
  • “That’s possible because he thinks not only about himself, but his people, and his planet. I always liked him but I like him even more now!”
  • “This is amazing. I hope more celebrities bring issues like this to light on their social media accounts. Their influences could really make the difference.”
  • “It does take courage for a young man to take his own container to the market to buy fish. It’s true. I’m amazed he pulled through. Good for him.”
  • “It broke my heart to see all the plastic trash that ends up being made after I go grocery shopping. I’m glad a celebrity has stepped up to put his influence to good use!”
  • “He’s not all talk. He has action too! I can’t wait to see this settle down as a policy.”
  • “I’m a stan all of a sudden…”

Ryu Jun Yeol is being the change he wants to see in the world. Will you walk beside him in this fight to save the planet?

Source: THEQOO