Actor Shin Ki Hyun Explains Why He’s Still Following Seungri on Instagram

He says they’re still friends.

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Actor Shin Ki Hyun recently held a live broadcast on his official Instagram account where he explained his position regarding Seungri and his scandal.

On the day of his broadcast, SBS-TV’s 8 O’Clock News reported that in a chatroom joined by wealthy heirs, actors, and models, dozens of illegal videos were shared, and referred to one of the actors as “Mr. Shin”.

In response to many speculations that he was that Mr. Shin, Shin Ki Hyun spoke up on his broadcast and clarified that he was not involved in any chatroom, and also mentioned Seungri, who is currently under investigation for various charges.

Shin Ki Hyun explained, “Many people have been asking me why I didn’t unfollow Seungri following his scandals, but let me ask you this. If your friend committed a sin, would you be able to just cut them off and stop being friends with them?

He added, “He’s still one of my friends who lent me a hand when I needed it. I don’t think there’s a right answer to this. Since he committed sins, he should be punished for them.

Shin Ki Hyun met Seungri on Mnet’s Battle Shinhwa, which aired back in 2005, and maintained their friendship since then. 

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Burning Sun Scandal

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