Here’s What Actor Yoo Seung Ho Makes His K-Drama Producers Promise — And Why He Started Doing So

“Wow, all the more reason to stan Yoo Seung Ho…”

Actor Yoo Seung Ho debuted in 2000 with the K-Drama Daddy Fish, though he really soared to stardom in 2002 with his lead role in the feel-good K-Movie The Way Home.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho in “The Way Home”

From then on, Yoo Seung Ho built himself an incredibly robust filmography — thriving as one of the most successful child actors in the industry.

Now, as an adult actor, Yoo Seung Ho continues to wow K-Drama and K-Movie fans with his talent and visual…

… but most importantly, he comes with this one more undeniably charming trait. According to industry insiders, Yoo Seung Ho always includes a very specific clause in his contract when being cast to take on roles in shows.

And that is “To have everyone on set agree to treat the younger cast with respect.” In fact, when Yoo Seung Ho appeared in the 2012 K-Drama Missing You, a staff on set revealed on social media that the actor “Requested the production team to please show the same amount of courtesy and consideration to the children actors.”

The younger cast of “Missing You”


With that said, his 2017 interview has resurfaced — in which he discusses the difficulties he faced in the industry as a child actor. Though he claimed that he “wouldn’t recommend debuting so young” based on his experiences, he also claimed that he “wants the best for the hard-working young talent.”

The young Yoo Seung Ho

I think it might be better to start acting as an adult… I started young and it was not easy coming this far. I dragged myself through some of the years. When I first took on my ‘grown up’ role, I faced immense criticism. I was hurt… At the time, as a young boy, I didn’t know if I had to keep going despite the hate.

— Yoo Seung Ho

He pointed out that “The working conditions have not improved much” — which hints at the reality that these children face behind the scenes. This also hints at why Yoo Seung Ho personally takes steps to ensure that the children on set are treated fairly and honorably.

When I look at the younger actors on set, I want to go give them all my support. But on the other hand, I grow so worried about them. There is so much stress and hardship they must face as they move forward. Yes, things have turned around a bit — but the working conditions for the young have not improved much. So I’m constantly torn between rooting for them and being worried sick for them.

— Yoo Seung Ho

Fans are falling deeper in love with Yoo Seong Ho and his endeavor to make the industry a better working place for his rising hoobaes!

  • “It is thanks to actors like Yoo Seung Ho who speak up… that the industry is slowly but steadily changing for the better. Thank you, Yoo Seung Ho.”
  • “I wish him and all the young actors the best.”
  • “Sounds like he has been through a lot since he debuted in 2000. It’s sad to think that in two decades, not a lot has changed. I hope his wishes come true.”
  • “It’s amazing to hear about actors who use their influences in ways like this.”
  • “Wow, all the more reason to stan Yoo Seung Ho. It’s like he doesn’t want his past to repeat for the rising actors. He’s such a good person for trying.”
Source: Insight, THEQOO, Chosun and Namu Wiki