Actor Yoon Si Yoon Would’ve Made One Heck Of A Visual Center Idol, K-Pop Fans Believe

“He’d be my bias.”

Actor Yoon Si Yoon has a unique face that is hard to forget once you’ve seen him on screen. His breathtaking visual, topped with his outstanding acting skills, is bound to catch your attention!


In fact, his face is so extraordinary that K-Pop fans will always find themselves wondering what it would’ve been like, had Yoon Si Yoon debuted as a boy group member!


Most fans believe he would’ve been as successful of an idol as he is an actor — especially because of this meant-to-charm-all kind of visual!


Yoon Si Yoon would have easily won that visual center title:


Imagine Yoon Si Yoon the Visual King Idol, doing a live broadcast like this:


Or uploading his mukbang content to his YouTube channel:


K-Pop fans vote a solid, solid YES on Yoon Si Yoon having that perfect idol-kind-of a charm!


What say you? Would you have stanned this gem of a man as an idol member?

Source: THEQOO