Actor Yoon Si Yoon Would’ve Made One Heck Of A Visual Center Idol, K-Pop Fans Believe

“He’d be my bias.”

Actor Yoon Si Yoon has a unique face that is hard to forget once you’ve seen him on screen. His breathtaking visual, topped with his outstanding acting skills, is bound to catch your attention!

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In fact, his face is so extraordinary that K-Pop fans will always find themselves wondering what it would’ve been like, had Yoon Si Yoon debuted as a boy group member!

Most fans believe he would’ve been as successful of an idol as he is an actor — especially because of this meant-to-charm-all kind of visual!


Yoon Si Yoon would have easily won that visual center title:

Imagine Yoon Si Yoon the Visual King Idol, doing a live broadcast like this:


Or uploading his mukbang content to his YouTube channel:

K-Pop fans vote a solid, solid YES on Yoon Si Yoon having that perfect idol-kind-of a charm!

yoon si yoon reactions

What say you? Would you have stanned this gem of a man as an idol member?


Source: THEQOO
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