Actress Gabrielle Union Reveals How Much Of A BTS Fan Her Daughter Is

Fans are loving the baby ARMY.

American Actress Gabrielle Union-Wade, who’s married to retired basketball star Dwayne Wade, shared a photo of their daughter Kaavia James Union Wade that had ARMYs welcoming the toddler into the BTS fandom.

Dwayne Wade, Kaavia James Union Wade, and Gabrielle Union-Wade. | gabunion/Instagram

Despite Kaavia being only two years old, she’s already gained internet fame from her sweet smile and humorous facial expressions that are already making the rounds as memes. This time, it’s for joining the K-Pop world.


Through Gabrielle Union-Wade’s Instagram story, she shared a photo of her and Kaavia going for a ride. Next to the toddler sat a doll and a familiar yellow plushy: Chimmy from the BT21 collection. Gabrielle Union-Wade shared just how inseparable Kaavia was from the stuffed toy in two captions.

Now Chimmy has to go everywhere. What’ll be next on Kaav’s K-Pop Journey?

— Gabrielle Union-Wade

| gabunion/Instagram

The fact that Kaavia is so attached to Jimin‘s plushy, Chimmy, warmed fans’ hearts. She may be young, but she’s already loving BTS.