Go Eun Ah Speaks Up About Her Past Kiss Controversy With Her Brother Mir

Go Eun Ah and Mir were criticized for being too intimate as siblings.

Actress, Go Eun Ah, who is currently a popular YouTuber, made an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star and spoke up about her past kiss controversy with her brother, Mir.


Back in 2010, Go Eun Ah and her idol brother, Mir faced criticism for kissing each other on the lips on Mnet‘s Scandals.

Regarding the past incident, Go Eun Ah expressed,

I kissed my little brother, Mir on my first variety show and stirred up controversy. At the time, we just got through it without giving any explanations. But the truth is, we’re siblings who don’t express affection for each other. Our family doesn’t like physical affection.

– Go Eun Ah

She then went on to explain why the kiss even took place.

Like we explained in one of our YouTube videos, we were really young at the time, and the broadcaster of the TV show demanded a lot from us. When we explained ourselves in our YouTube channel, many netizens apologized for the misunderstanding.

– Go Eun Ah

Following the sibling kiss, the two stars were under fire for being too intimate.

But in one of Mir’s 2019 YouTube videos, the sibling explained that they were unfamiliar with variety shows at the time and that in efforts to do their best, they overreacted. They also added that that was the first and last kiss and that they don’t even hold hands.

Mir currently runs a YouTube channel where he shares aspects of his personal life with his two big sisters, one of whom is Go Eun Ah. The YouTube channel is widely popular with over 400,000 subscribers.

Source: Dispatch