What Happened To The Disgraced Actress Who Slapped A Taxi Driver And Bit A Police Officer?

The consequences for her violent actions were long lasting.

Actress Han Ji Sun made her K-Drama debut in 2015 with a small role in Kill Me, Heal Me, working with famous actors like Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon.

Han Ji Sun

Picking up roles in 88 Street, Barefoot Diva, Man to Man, and Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me, the actress found consistent work until everything went wrong in 2018.


According to a report by Channel A, a drunk Han Ji Sun entered a taxi that was stopped at a red light and attacked the driver with a slap to the face. During an interview with the victim, they revealed that Han Ji Sun also cursed at them and repeatedly hit them with a thermos. When the police were called, the incident only got worse.

After Han Ji Sun was taken to the police station, she assaulted multiple police officers. She slapped the police officer who took her to the station and bit a second one. She was fined for her actions and given a year of probation. However, Han Ji Sun’s punishment was only beginning.


As a result of her violent actions, Han Ji Sun was removed from her 2019 K-Drama The Secret Life of My Secretary. SBS edited the actress out of scenes and refilmed the episodes that were previously completed to move on with production. Still, that wasn’t the end of the consequences for her actions.


In 2020, all the major Korean broadcasting stations banned Han Ji Sun from appearing on air due to her assault charges. Han Ji Sun has never appeared in another film or drama since. The former actress has been scrubbed from her agency J,WIDE COMPANY‘s social media and doesn’t have any personal accounts. She’s been blacklisted by the entertainment industry and hasn’t been spotted since.

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