Actress Han So Hee Is Sporting A New Badass Look—And It’s So Chic, None Of The Pictures Do It Justice

It suits her SO well 😍

Top star Han So Hee never fails to look picture-perfect in all kinds of photographs, including official ones from reporters…

Actress Han So Hee

…from brands she endorses…

…and from her own social media accounts.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram
| @xeesoxee/Instagram

But the easiest way to see just how stunning the Nevertheless actress really is in person is by looking at phone-quality pictures! Even without any fancy cameras, professional editing, and carefully-manipulated lighting, her beauty shines brighter than ever.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Recently, iPhone-taken photos with a fan circulated online. She looked gorgeous in natural makeup, her silky long hair falling gracefully over her shoulders.

However, the most eye-catching part about her that day was her new look. Much to the surprise of many people, she had two piercings near her eye—and they looked so cool, the pictures didn’t do it justice!

| Pann Nate

The piercings gave her a more chic and badass vibe. Coupled with her dark clothes and small smile, she looked more mysterious than ever.

| Pann Nate

Whether she’s sporting a sophisticated or badass look, actress Han So Hee suits them all!

Source: Pann Nate
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