Actress Kang Eun Bi Insists That the Plastic Surgery Rumors Are False

She explained why she looks different from before.

Actress Kang Eun Bi recently took to her Instagram account to stress that she has not had any plastic surgery despite the rumors.

She posted a photo of herself along with a caption clarifying that the rumors are not true.

Whether it’s about a bimaxillary or my chin, I didn’t have any plastic surgery… Since I was born looking like this, I’m just going to live with it. This is so frustrating! I just lost weight, that’s all!

– Kang Eun Bi

In the shared photo, Kang Eun Bi can be seen posing next to her surfing board in her bikini.

This isn’t the first time Kang Eun Bi denied plastic surgery rumors.

Last September, she strongly denied the claims via social media.

I’ve only been on broadcast for 2 years. Since then I haven’t taken off more than 10 days in a year. I don’t have time to get plastic surgery, and since I’m broadcasting every day, a bimaxillary is impossible.

– Kang Eun Bi

At the time, she explained that she gained a lot of weight, causing her to look different.

I broadcast anywhere from 8 hours to 20 hours a day, so I gained weight from 42 kilograms to 55 kilograms. But with diet and exercise, I lost 11 kilograms in 4 weeks, and I’m still dieting now.

– Kang Eun Bi

But Kang Eun Bi also added that she once did get plastic surgery back in 2009 after her drama, My Too Perfect Sons.

I did get my nose done in 2009 after My Too Perfect Sons, but I didn’t even get a single filler after that.

– Kang Eun Bi

Source: Dispatch