The Story Behind Why Actress Lee Se Young Debuted So Young Is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard Before

It was all thanks to her mother…

Actress Lee Se Young — born 1992 — is pure gorgeousness, personified. And thanks to her solid acting skills, K-Drama and K-Movie watchers love to see her on the big screen.

This talented actress debuted way back in 1997, at the young age of 5. She first stepped foot into the world of entertainment business with her appearance on Popopo, the long-running and popular children’s television show.

The young Lee Se Young on “Popopo”, footage provided by “Masked Singer”

It was Lee Se Young’s mother who pushed for the actress’s debut at such a young age. While she had always wanted her child to be some sort of an entertainer, the desire grew stronger in 1991. This year, a year before Lee Se Young was born, her mother came across the “Missing Frog Boys” case — a brutal murder case of five elementary school students, which remains one of the three yet unsolved mysteries in Korea.

“Please Help Us Find The Missing 5 Kids From Daegu Sungseo Elementary School”

When Lee Se Young was born, the actress’s mother realized she had given birth to a beautiful girl… and immediately grew worried that this girl could easily fall victim to similar kidnapping attempts. So the mother chose the best way to get Lee Se Young’s face well known across the country: By putting her on TV, as soon as possible.

Lee Se Young as a child TV star

By 2003, with her role in the hit K-Drama series Dae Jang Geum, she reached full stardom. Thanks to her pretty face, and her unbelievably mature acting skills for her age, Lee Se Young became a teen sensation…

Lee Se Young as a child TV star

… and with the entire nation falling in love with her, her mother’s “mission” had become complete! Since then, Lee Se Young has been an unrivaled visual in the industry…

… and netizens agree that Lee Se Young’s mom had been more than right to blast this face on TV:

Source: THEQOO and Namu Wiki