Actress Park Min Young Once Revealed Her Trick For Looking Taller In Photos, And It’s Genius

This trick really works!

Actress Park Min Young revealed her trick for appearing taller than she really is in photos, and it’s absolutely genius!

Park Min Young | @rachel_mypark/Twitter

In “A drive with our minyons,” a video uploaded to her personal YouTube channel, Park Min Young answered questions from fans while driving around Seoul.

| Just Parkminyoung/YouTube

One of the questions was “Who takes the pictures you post on Instagram?” Park Min Young said most of her Instagram photos are taken by her mother, and she shared that her mom was bad at taking photos at first.

“My mom was so bad at taking pictures at first. I gave her some tips.” | Just Parkminyoung/YouTube

To help her mom become a better photographer, Park Min Young gave her some tips. One of those tips was to put the face of the person being photographed in the middle of the screen, so they appear taller in the photo.

“To make a person look taller, I heard that you have to put the person’s face right in the middle of the screen.” | Just Parkminyoung/YouTube

From the looks of Park Min Young’s Instagram, the tip works! Although the actress is only 5’5 (165 cm), she appears much taller in many of her photographs.

| @rachel_mypark

She looks way taller than 5’5 here!

| @rachel_mypark/Instagram

Check out the full video below.