Actress Son Ye Jin’s Stylists Reveal Shocking Truth Behind Her “Crash Landing On You” Look

“She wants everything to look as real as possible…”

The popular K-Drama series Crash Landing On You, featuring rom-com queen Son Ye Jin and visual god Hyun Bin, is half way through on Netflix and viewers are hooked on this heartbreaking love story between a South Korean businesswoman Yoon Se Ri and a North Korean soldier Ri Jeong Hyuk.


And in an Allure interview, Son Ye Jin’s hair and make-up stylists revealed the secret behind her “damsel-stranded-in-North-Korea” look. They shared that this flawless beauty…


… is all her. Son Ye Jin is only wearing a thin layer of foundation to cover up some minor blemishes. Her make-up stylist commented, “Since she’s set to be in North Korea, she wanted to look as natural as possible.”

She’s not wearing any eye shadow. In fact, she’s not even wearing mascara. The lashes weren’t curled either. And at first, we tried tinted lip balm, but that came out too red on TV. So now she only wears colorless lip balm.

— Make-Up Artist


In fact, according to her hair stylist, Son Ye Jin doesn’t even get her hair done for certain scenes that are set to be before/after bedtime or that need to seem natural. The stylist praised Son Ye Jin for valuing “authenticity” as an actress — how she wants everything to look as real as possible.

For the most casual scenes, she usually does her hair herself. She doesn’t like it when something seems professionally done and so not natural. She’s actually pretty good at braiding her own hair or putting it up in a bun.

— Hair Stylist


So, with no help from make-up and hair styling at all, Son Ye Jin has been wowing her viewers with this breathtaking visual:


And with that the unbelievable secret out, viewers are 200% shook.


Watch the full interview here:

Source: THEQOO