Actress Song Ji Hyo Stuns With Her Barely Made Up Face On Camera – You Won’t Believe She’s Turning 39

She’s the original visual.

One of the OG pretty girls of the K-Wave, Song Ji Hyo first made a splash with her beauty via the classic K-Drama, Princess Hours (Goong) alongside Yoon Eun Hye. Her success from the drama later led her to star in other dramas as well as a surprising stint as an Inkigayo MC in 2007. She later was given the chance to be a cast member in Running Man, a well-loved variety show globally, staying on the show for over 10 years and counting.

A screenshot of her on one of the past episodes of Running Man is going viral on online communities as they praise her beauty. A cast member had commented, “Song Ji Hyo-ssi, you came out on air with little to no makeup…” alerting everyone of just how natural her beauty was.

Her clear skin and prominent yet feminine features made waves as they realized she did not have much makeup on.

Online communities were full of praise for the star, claiming that she was crazily beautiful.

What may come as a surprise to those new to the K-Wave, is that Song Ji Hyo turns 39 internationally come August. This may be hard to believe as she looks extremely youthful, even now. Here is her on an episode of Running Man that aired on the 12th of July! She looks almost the same as she did years ago.

Catch more of Song Ji Hyo and her everlasting beauty on her latest drama, Was it Love?, as it is currently being aired on Netflix in selected countries. The drama tells of a single mother who is also a hopeful producer as her company is forced into a tight corner and she has to pull it back up by its bootstraps.

Along the way, she encounters three guys from her past that all loved her – a dongsaeng who is now her daughter’s homeroom teacher, her ex-boyfriend that she dumped, now a famous best-selling writer and her crush, now one of the largest actors in the nation.

Source: theqoo and jtcb