Here’s Former BigHit Producer ADORA’s Favorite BTS Songs And The Touching Reason Why She Loves Them

We love these songs too!

Along with other BigHit Music producers, such as Pdogg or Slow Rabbit, ADORA (also known as Park Soo Hyun) has been a favorite among the BTS fandom, ARMY, for her involvement in hit songs, namely “Spring Day” and Suga‘s “Seesaw.”

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We’ve all thought she was too talented to remain behind the scenes, so now she’s left BigHit and is making her solo debut as a singer under AURA Entertainment, a newly established company.

While she’s been preparing for her solo debut, Dino Music has released videos showing her journey. In a new interview, she introduced herself, talking about her music career thus far. In her time as one of BigHit Music’s in-house producers, she’s worked with all of HYBE‘s top artists, such as BTS and TXT, as well as some members’ for solo projects, such as J-Hope‘s “Blue Side” and RM‘s “Forever Rain.”

I’m preparing to debut as a singer. I mainly worked on HYBE artists’ songs, including BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and GFRIEND, but most of them worked on artists from the company.


She revealed that her first song released as a producer was “Wings.” This was the interlude/outro for BTS’s album of the same name, released in 2016.

There’s a song called ‘Wings’ in the BTS album. I started working as a songwriter for ADORA with that song.


ARMY will, of course, remember most fondly that she contributed to the beloved “Spring Day.” This was later included with “Not Today” as the lead singles for repackaged album You Never Walk Alone. She was only 18 years old when she worked on these songs and 19 when released!

Adora’s other songs weren’t in the album at the time. I participated in the work of songs called ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Not Today’ on the repackage album.


She associates these three songs with the start of a successful career, so they are some of her favorite BTS songs.

Those three songs are the same as the beginning for composer ADORA, so I personally feel most affectionate.


We wish ADORA all the success in her career!

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