This Adulterous “The World of The Married” Kiss Scene Leaves Viewers Mind-Blown… Again

“It’s steamy, it’s sexy, it’s absolutely breathtaking…”

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In the final moments of Episode 12 of the sensational K-Drama The World of The Married, the now-divorced Dr. Ji Sun Woo (played by actress Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae Oh (played by actor Park Hae Joon) found themselves lip-locking in the heat of the moment. This definitely left the viewers feeling shook-AF…

… but little did they know, that had only been the tip of the iceberg. On May 8, 2020, in the beginning of Episode 13, the kiss scene replayed — with extra spice…

… and the viewers could not hold back the pure madness. Dr. Ji Sun Woo seemed distressed and frustrated over the inexplicable feelings she had for Lee Tae Oh…

… while Lee Tae Oh seemed caught in his own trap.

The passionate kiss scene went on for a few minutes, while Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s heartbroken narration played in the background.

Could it have been out of habit? Or could it have been a gesture of forgiveness, fueled by pity? Was it an apology for all the times we hurt and stabbed each other? Or Was it regret for all the wrong decisions we made in the past? Was it simply loneliness, fallen to the passionate temptation of the brief thrill?

— Ji Sun Woo

As mind blown as the viewers are…

No wonder Kim Hee Ae talked about this scene at the press conference. She was worried how she’d push herself through shooting this scene. Makes sense…

— Netizen

… they can’t help but admit it has become one of the most legendary kiss scenes in K-Drama history…

Their kiss scene is… not like the young and cute kiss scenes from characters in their 20s. This is mature, adult stuff. It’s steamy, it’s sexy, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

— Netizen

… for all the passion, the intensity, the “feels” — all visible from the two characters’ faces. Here’s what other viewers thought about the scene.

  • “This must have been so hard to shoot…”
  • “Wow, the chemistry is… So real. Only if it hadn’t been such an adulterous drama…”
  • “Geez. It’s a kiss scene from the depths of hell.”
  • “I don’t f*cking understand… but I understand.”
  • “Now that I think about it… This is what the title means. This is the world of the married.”

Watch the entire scene here:

Source: THEQOO

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