No More “Favoritism”: Aespa Fans Happy With Line Distribution For “Welcome to MY World”

MYs pointed out the difference in line distribution following Yoo Young Jin’s exit from SM Entertainment.

Yoo Young Jin‘s departure from SM Entertainment took the K-Pop spaces on the internet by storm. The news shocked many, especially fans of SM Entertainment groups that Yoo had previously written and produced for. In particular, aespa fans had mixed reactions to the producer’s departure, with the prospect of a change in creative direction for the fairly young girl group exciting some while making others nervous.

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Today, aespa’s pre-release single “Welcome To MY World” for their upcoming mini album My World was released on multiple streaming services in South Korea and internationally. A music video for the track was also uploaded on YouTube, which has the four girls looking as stunning as ever. While the song received mixed reactions from non-fans, Korean and international netizens, MYs seem to have nothing but good words to say — with fans looking especially pleased by the line distribution between the members.

Across the girl group’s past releases, the difference in lines between the members: Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning has always been a topic that received a lot of attention. Fans of Ningning, in particular, have been disappointed by the lack of singing time for their idol even though she holds the main vocalist title in the group.

The fans’ frustrations with the group’s line distribution only grew with time passing. The situation escalated to the point where many started accusing Yoo Young Jin, aespa’s main producer and seemingly the man in charge of their discography, of “favoritism.” The line distribution on today’s release brought back attention to the accusations, as fans pointed out the difference in Ningning’s lines following Yoo’s departure.

According to fans, “Welcome to MY World” is one of the songs with the “fairest” line distribution in aespa’s discography. In graphics made by MYs, Ningning and Winter, the main and lead vocalists of the group, have the most lines. This comes as a bigger surprise when fans note that SM Entertainment’s upcoming AI soloist Naevis is featured and has singing parts in the track.

With the pre-release single receiving nothing but positive reactions from the fans, they can now look forward to the title track, “Spicy,” set to release next week. “Welcome to MY World” has not only pleased MYs and fulfilled all their wishes, but the track has also made them even more excited for aespa’s “new direction” — with many sharing how much they’re looking forward to the official comeback date.

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