aespa’s Giselle Now Has The Shortest Training Period Out Of All SM Entertainment Female Idols

She must be incredibly talented!

After gaining attention for her fun pre-debut photos, aespa‘s Giselle now has everyone wowed with her incredibly short training period—the shortest out of all female idols at SM Entertainment!

In the past, SM Entertainment idols typically had to face long, grueling training periods. Former Girls’ Generation star Jessica, for example, trained for 7 and a half years before debuting.

Jessica at debut.

Likewise, fellow members Hyoyeon and Sooyoung trained for 7 years and 6.5 years respectively.

Hyoyeon at debut. | SM Entertainment

But since then, many of the company’s female trainees have debuted after remarkably short training periods. Amber is one such example, training for 1.5 years before debuting with f(x).

Amber at debut.

Similarly, Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Joy only trained for two years.

Wendy pre-debut.

But while training for two years or less is certainly impressive, nothing compares to the new record set by Giselle—one of the members of SM Entertainment’s upcoming new girl group, aespa.

| SM Entertainment

Born and raised in Japan, it appears Giselle came to South Korea to pursue her dream of becoming a K-Pop idol shortly after graduating from International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo. Before joining SM Entertainment, she trained independently at premier idol training academy AJS.

| SM Entertainment

After Giselle was revealed to the public, AJS sent her warm congratulations through Instagram. Eagle-eyed fans soon spotted Giselle’s real name (Aeri) on in an old AJS Instagram post which showed that she joined the academy in October 2019 and passed her agency audition just two months later.

“Ae**: ’00, Female, trained from 2019.10 to 2019.12” | @2018ajs/Instagram

That agency is now known to be SM Entertainment. Joining the company in December 2019, Giselle trained for just 10 months before SM Entertainment revealed her as a member of aespa.

Pre-debut Giselle

That gives her the shortest training period out of all female SM Entertainment idols! According to the company’s latest press release, it appears Giselle will be the group’s main rapper.

| SM Entertainment

However, she was also part of her school choir for four years, indicating she might be a double threat with strong vocal ability too. Perhaps her musical background is the reason she was able to debut with just so little formal training.

Source: The Qoo