Aespa Share What They Believe Are The Most Important Parts Of Traveling And Who’d They Like To Travel With

NingNing’s answer is the sweetest.

In an interview with Lotte Duty Free as their latest models, aespa described their travel preferences and what they considered to be the most important part of traveling.

Giselle considered the accommodation the most important part when she travels. Vacations are all about relaxing, and while some find their relaxation through adventure, Giselle’s the kind who likes to wind down in her room, even when traveling. Since she values resting so much, it’s only natural that where’s she staying during a trip is most important to her.

| LDF TV by lottedutyfree/YouTube

Karina shared that for her, the most important part of traveling isn’t the destination or the activities but the people she’s traveling with. With the right people, you’ll have a fantastic time and create unforgettable memories no matter where you go. However, the accommodation was definitely the second most crucial part of traveling for Karina, especially regarding cleanliness and food.

Winter agreed with Giselle and Karina about the value of having good temporary lodging while on vacation. Winter also relaxes by resting in her room, and since she spends the most time in the room during any trip, the accommodation has to be comfortable and clean.

For NingNing, she thought good weather was the most important part of traveling. After all, going on vacation only for it to storm the entire time would ruin a trip, no matter how comfortable the lodging is or who you’re traveling with.

NingNing also shared that she would love to travel with each member one-on-one. Traveling in pairs instead of as a whole group allows friends to learn more about each other, to see where their preferences might align and differ, and ultimately, the friendship will deepen. NingNing wants to see who likes to have fun while traveling and who would care for her well, things that might not be as easily seen when traveling as a group.


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