aespa’s Karina Has A Totally Adorable Habit You Probably Didn’t Know About

Did you know?

aespa‘s been tearing up the charts with “Next Level”. But these monster rookies aren’t just talented and cool, they’re also the most adorable babies! Karina herself, although she takes the role as the oldest member of the group, her lovely charms never fail to capture fans.

One particular MY noticed that Karina has a habit of pursing her lips whenever she begins to do something.

This is especially apparent when she needs to do something that requires strength.

She even does it right before getting into the right vibe for a performance.

Can she get any cuter?

Fans are totally captivated by her adorable aegyo. The comments section of the observational post was filled with compliments.

  • “Our Rina.”
  • “So cute!”
  • “She’s a total baby.”
  • “Jimin-ah, I love you!”
  • “This grandma will give you her bank account.”

We totally agree. Can’t get enough of the star? Check out their addictive track, “Next Level” below.

Source: theqoo