Aespa’s Karina Shows Off A Different Kind Of Image In A Hanbok, The Korean Traditional Costume

We love to see her looking all elegant like this!

Aespa‘s Karina has always been known for her stunning beauty. In fact, some have called her “more AI-looking than AI characters themselves.” However, we’ve mostly only seen the girl in street casual looks or the edgy costumes aespa wears on stage.

For example, this gorgeous Queen-like get-up…

…or this funky sequinned dress we absolutely love.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

During her early debut days, she rocked this mystical crop top and skirt combo and proved that she looks absolutely otherworldly.

| SM Entertainment

However, recently, through Dear U. Bubble, Karina showed off a different charm in a hanbok, also known as Korea’s traditional costume. Karina even told fans it was okay for them to share the gorgeous pictures outside of the app.

| pann

She had worn the hanbok for a commercial filming, for a tourism advertisement of Seoul city.

| pann

In the long, flowy dress and muted color palette, she looked every bit the demure, classy lady.

| pann

Her makeup was kept simple, befitting the gown.

| pann

If we’re completely honest, while we love the looks Karina rocks on stage, we so enjoy seeing her in a more natural and youthful light like this too! Of course, Karina looks beautiful no matter what she wears or does.

Source: pann